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You Wanna See? You Wanna see What I've Got?

Babe You're gonna love this idea...

Det. Lt. Jack Rafferty
12 January
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I like Fast Cars, Fast women, and the power that comes from my badge. What cop doesn't? I serve and protect. Where's my goddamn reward? I'm good at what I do. And in return for that I take a little cut of everything that comes in. What the fuck's wrong with that?
So maybe I get a few beers in me. I don't give a damn what Shellie's been telling you I have NEVER hit a woman in my life. I'm a police officer for Chrissake! That just-breaks rules.
The drinking however-its been happening a little more often then my Captain would like. Especially with all of these cases.
But I can't fuck up! I'm Iron Jack! Jack-savior-of-Beth-Short-Rafferty and I'm a HERO. Everythings going to be fucking okay if I'm there!


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Iron Jack Rafferty was the best and the brightest that the San Diego Police Academy had to offer. He moved to Basin City in the Summer of Eighty-Nine just before his oldest Daughter, Jaqueline, was Born. Filled with the need to make the City safe for his First child, Jackie poured himself into his work, making it his life, along with his passion. His Wife Cheryl tolerated this, believing in her husband's innate goodness.

But Jackie gave in to his insanity, and the horrors of his workplace. It began with the Short Case and the Panty-Strangler, which happened to occur around the birth of their second child. Jack lost it when he Lost little Elizabeth, and his partner, in the same day. He went drinking through old town, painting the down red for three days straight. It was in this little excursion


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-Det. Lt. With the Basin City Police Department.

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Jackie-Boy is Creepy Love

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Shellie is Sweet Love

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Dwight is Awesome cool Love

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